Two new tutorials are published weekly.

You will find the sheet music button in the corresponding song you’re working on. The sheet music is available to be purchased through our partnership with MusicNotes.

SGP members may reach out to Sydney directly in the private FB group to request a song.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for the request to be learned, recorded, & edited as Sydney fulfills the song requests in the order in which they are received.

On the site in the song library, you may go to the search bar and search by song title, video game/anime title, or level of difficulty.   

We have created specific courses for beginner level to teach you basics  as well as hand picked songs to make the piano experience more fun. Just head to the course library.


Under the log in area, click “forgot password” and an email to reset your password will be sent to you. 

Log in to your account and go to >My Account >Account Details. Scroll down to >Password Change

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The videos can not be downloaded, but you can stream all videos 24/7 every day on every device!

Coming soon!!! For the time being we encourage you to participate in the private Facebook Group to chat with Sydney and other students to get the most out of your SmartGamePiano experience.

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Please excuse us for the inconvenience. We recommend:

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Yes, please contact us here: We’re open to collaborations, partnerships, and/or sponsorships.  You can reach out to us at: and if it’s a fit, we’d be happy to discuss.