Learn Game Piano Themes Easy & Fast

You Don’t Need to Read Notes

Sheet music was created when video did not exist. It was there to make it easy to reproduce a song of an artist. Today we have better technology to make the process even easier. We use a combination of a computer program and a over-head camera to produce and unchallenged learning experience. Just sit down, watch and play! You will love it.

Concentrate only on learning

We wanted to visualize everything for you: Through the perfect-angle camera, you see exactly what finger technique your teacher uses. Thanks to the video format, you can replay if you did not get a certain part. Through the coloured keys there is no guessing which key was played. We further separated visually the left from the right hand. The Synthesia Screen (falling notes) shows you the rhythm in such a precision as never before. We love learning piano this way…and hope you will too.

We Teach the Best Game Piano Themes, Every Week!

Civilization IV, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros and Halo Main Theme, You name it! Subscribe and get instant access to step-by-step smart video lessons. Guests only have access to the first part of each song, but members can learn every part of every song! Our list of themes is growing every week, so get started today!

A Few of our Finest Lessons

New Songs Every Week!

“The SMART Method is probably the only way for adults to learn the piano online.”

(Lawrence G. – Recording Artist, US)

“Your videos are such an unbelievably awesome resource.”

(‘Pieces of 8-bit’)

“You struck oil here!”


“I like how your presentation on screen, also I like how you show us what fingers to use on each key. Like I said before, it’s very helpful and informative! Keep up the great work!”

(Ryan Ford)