They laughed when I sat down at the piano but when I started to play…

Award Winning Study: How to master the piano in 30 days or less and amaze everyone when you sit down at the piano …practicing only 17 minutes each day – Tested and Approved by Thousands!

Successful pianist reveals his striking learning method (which has already been successfully completed by thousands of participants) that enables you to play your favourite songs on the piano in just 30 days without frustration, but with motivation, so that your friends and family will be amazed at your confidence playing the piano… They will be breathless…even if you have never touched a piano before!

You don’t have to take this anymore…

It's a pain for you: You'd like to be able to play each of your favourite songs perfectly on the piano, but the same problems keep cropping up:

  • Practicing the song takes so much time and a lot of effort
  • It's pure frustration when you get stuck in one place, no matter how many times you try
  • Practicing is simply not fun
  • Piano lessons are really expensive and you would like to move faster in relation to the high price

Promised: You are now learning 3 revelations that are very important for you:

  • The reason why traditional piano teachers hate this method revealed here…
  • Why you have currently reached a plateau and how to bring your progress back to speed quickly
  • Crazy, but true: Why thousands of beginners have already become successful pianists

However, if you miss out the following method, it will be even worse…


...every time you go to the piano, your motivation goes down because you see little to no progress will flip out and give up lose time and money and still don’t make progress

Everyone knows this:

You know this one person who - when sitting down at the piano and plays - attracts a mass of people who automatically stand around the piano and eagerly listen to the impressive sound of the pianist. You know this person.

I'll tell you something, and I'm serious about that:

It's exactly these people who are trained here. Already thousands of newbies have become master pianists and have already successfully performed their first song in less than 30 days.

Act now, today Your transformation begins:

The Smartist Program – Created to achieve exceptional transformations from a total newbie to a master pianist

  • Full Access to a growing library of hundreds of step-by-step video guides of the most famous and most requested classical piano songs!
  • Kickstart Program that walks you through the first steps of your transformation to prepare yourself for massive results
  • Personalized Support from Igor – You are going to solve every little issue through detailed feedback from Igor – fast progress guaranteed.
  • Access to the inner circle of Smartists – Surround yourself with other pianists who are on the same mission as you are
  •  Free Sheet Music – If you want to learn both visually and by sheets, you’ll find the sheet music for every song

What does that mean for you?

  • All your friends and family will be stunned when you suddenly perform a song on the piano impressively
  • You will build massive self-confidence because you will be proud of your achievements
  • You will greatly improve your mental health and establish a valuable hobby in your life, to which you can take refuge at any time
  • Frustrating practice now belongs in the past: With each new walk to the piano, you build even more motivation because you know you belong to an exclusive group of motivated piano players 
  • You will be able to play your first song perfectly in just a few days
  • You will slash your practice time through the techniques of a successful pianist
  • You can integrate the methods into your everyday life with just a few minutes a day.

Are you ready for people to start calling you cool, fun and sexy?

Imagine being the life of a party and watching as your disbelieving family and friends drop their jaws in amazement after you played your favourite songs on the piano.

Visualize how you are going to make your best friend’s wedding the best day of their life by impressive piano sounds.

Visualize how you are going to make your best friend’s wedding the best day of their life by impressive piano sounds.

Picture yourself making someone special fall in love with you by playing romantic songs, sure to sweep anyone off their feet.

The Smartist Program is known from:

Here is the shocking reality: Find out what members say after one month…

This is what our members say...

"I learned how to play this song in less than an hour! Nobody has really made a video this detailed and well talked! "

- Yennifer, 28, United States

"I love how you break down each part into simple pieces and teach me rhythm in a way that really improves my piano playing! "

- Felix, 18, Germany

"Beginner here and I'm amazed at how simple this is! Two weeks into piano and I play this very well thanks to you! "

- Mary, 23, California

You risk nothing.

I guarantee with my reputation for this program and give you a 100.00% 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you don’t see any progress after 14 days or think it’s not the right fit for you, you get your full investment back completely – no questions asked. That's what I stand for by my name.





billed 42$ for 6 months

  • Transform yourself to a master pianist
  • Unlimited Full Access
  • Personalized Support of a professional pianist
  • Personal Progress Tracking
  • Kickstart Course
  • Free Sheet Music
  • Community Access
  • Free Cancellation at any time

  • Slash your practice time in half
  • Play your first song in a few days
  • Build massive self-confidence
  • Impress your friends and family
  • Improve your mental health




billed 17$ for one month

  • Test out the platform and play your first song.
  • Unlimited Full Access
  • Personalized Support of a professional pianist
  • Personal Progress Tracking
  • Kickstart Course
  • Free Sheet Music
  • Community Access
  • Free Cancellation at any time

We’re not finished yet... FREE BONUS!

As an exclusive BONUS today, you will receive permanent song request priority - Your song requests will be on top of the list. Thus, your song requests will be implemented much faster than any other.

There's something else you should know…

Statistically proven: Out of a mass of 60 people, only one person can play the piano. But if you ask the rest of the crowd now, another 50 people say that they would like to be able to play the piano and everyone regrets that they never took this step.

There are so many people who really feel deep regret when they see others rock the piano. You will just sit next to it and listen. You will listen to someone presenting his breathtaking abilities on the piano. Something you could have done too.

And this is my personal question to you:

Would you like to be one of the 59 people who regret intensely that they never took this step? Being among the 99% who now have to live with regret all their lives?

Or would you like to be among the 1.6% of people who have taken this step and now delight everyone with their piano skills!

You know, this chance runs away if you do not take this step.

Take your chance, because let's face it: You do not want to experience the point when you look back in a year and deeply regret not being able to play the piano the way you wanted to. Regret is poison.

This offer won’t be repeated...

You have a risk free 100.00% money back guarantee. Within 14 days you can return the program without justification, no questions asked.

Now start your transformation to a master pianist and amaze everyone with your playing!

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